Soda Wars: Episode XXIV June 15th – 21st

Soda Wars: Episode XXIV June 15th – 21st

Soda Wars is a weekly blog presented by the Peanut Butter List.
Every Wednesday we illustrate which store has the best price on your favorite brands of soda.
We price compare PepsiCoke and 7up in the 2 liter, 12 pack and 20/24 pack packages. With this blog you’ll ‘know before you go’ who has the best deal on your favorite brands of soda each week before you head off to the stores.

These prices are good from today (June 15th) through June 21st. From the looks of things, this isn’t a great week to run out and buy your soda. You might want to hold out until the July 4th week sales come out.
Here’s the result from this weeks Soda Wars
12 Packs:

The clear winner of the ads this week is 7up at all stores with the lowest price in Albertsons at 4/$11.00 or $2.75 each. ($0.23 per can)
Coke drinkers can get a fair deal at Safeway with a 3/$12.00 deal ($0.25 per can) while Pepsi drinkers may want to wait this week out with the lowest price anywhere is at $4.00.
20/24 Packs:
For 20 and 24 packs this week there’s no one that really stands out over the other. Just about anywhere you go or any brand you choose, you’ll pay around $0.33 cents per can.
However, there are some coupons out there at select stores where you can save $1 off your 20 or 24 pack. Some of the coupons are for $1 off of purchase of one, while some are $2 off of the purchase of two.
These coupons are Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRC’s) as stickers put directly on the products, so keep your eyes out for these on both Coke and Pepsi products. Don’t forget to use the IRC at check out!
Still might not be the best week to buy a 20 or 24 pack, but it can help while the sale prices are higher.
You didn’t hear this from me, but who says you can’t grab a IRC or two and use it when there’s a better sale. Just be sure to check the expiration date on the coupon so you don’t miss it… shhhhh!

2 Liters:
Only buy a 2 liter this week if you absolutely have to.
Same deal with 2 liters this week as the 20/24 packs. There’s nothing that really pops out as a good price.
Everything is over $1.00 and above $0.20 cents when calculated as per 12oz can.
General rule of thumb for the 2 liter buyers out there: Never pay more than $1.00! 

This week is a horrible week to buy soda no matter what brand you drink.
$2.75 twelve packs of 7up at Albertsons is the best deal this week.
The closest thing to that will cost you $3.00 and not one brand or package is priced under $0.20 cents per can.
We’re only 2 weeks out until July 4th weekend, and as everyone knows…holiday weekends bring great soda ads. Wait this week out and maybe even give water a try again, who knows you just might like it!
Thanks for checking out this weeks Soda Wars.
If you want me to add more packages to the list or want me to make any changes, just let me know in the comments and I will see what I can do. 
What’s the lowest price for a 12 pack you can ever remember paying?

Adam H.

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