Soda Wars: Episode XXV June 22nd – 28th

Soda Wars: Episode XXV June 22nd – 28th

Soda Wars is a weekly blog presented by the Peanut Butter List.
Every Wednesday we illustrate which store has the best price on your favorite brands of soda.
We price compare PepsiCoke and 7up in the 2 liter, 12 pack and 20/24 pack packages. With this blog you’ll ‘know before you go’ who has the best deal on your favorite brands of soda each week before you head off to the stores.

This coming weekend puts us just one week away from July 4th.
Some of the stores and soda brands have jumped out early for putting up a good sale to capture this weekend but some have decided to wait a little longer before the big price drops that usually happen around the summer holidays.

Let’s have a look at the 12 pack prices this week…

Pepsi drinkers may want to scoop up the deals this week with Albertsons andSafeway both just under $2.50 per 12 pack. That makes cans only 0.21¢ per can and just 1.7¢ per fluid oz. which beats just about every other brand and package this week. 

King Soopers has a slightly better price on the Sierra Mist and Brisk brand names from Pepsi. These items offer a 2/$6.00 deal on select flavors making for $3.00 12 packs. So, if Albertsons and Safeway didn’t exist this week, that might be a fair deal… but they do exist, so grab your Pepsi brand soda from either of those stores this week and save your self .50¢ per 12 pack you buy.
Coke and 7up drinkers might want to hold off and see what next weeks sales brings us for the 12 packs. This close to a holiday, no one should be paying above $3.00 for a 12 pack.
Honestly, even when we’re a long ways off from any holidays, no one should be paying over $3.00 for a 12 pack.

  • 12 pack winner this week… 
I’m going to go with Pepsi products at Safeway. It’s 2 more cents per pack but it’s a WYB4+ deal, this means, When You Buy 4 + (or more) you get each one for $2.49 each. Whereas Albertsons deals of $2.47 WYB4 calls for a limit of 1 per transaction.

Now let’s view the 20/24 packs for the week…

Pretty standard pricing for the 20 and 24 packs this week. Nothing really stands out as the clear winner this week.
Coke drinkers, your best deal is at Safeway with a $5.49 price tag. At .27¢ per can, this is the best deal this week on Coke products (in a can) in all 3 store chains.
  • 20 / 24 pack winner this week…
I’d have to say Coke 20 packs at Safeway stores takes this one… even though it’s kind of a crappy price and you’re pretty limited on the flavor variety.
Hopefully you guys saved some of those coupons that were stuck to the 20 packs last week or perhaps there are still some available on the cases at the stores. That would bring the price down to $5.00 each WYB2, which is a reasonable price at .25¢ per can.
On a separate note: At Safeway today I saw several people buying a Pepsi brand 24 pack for $7.99 instead of buying the 12 packs for $2.49. They are paying almost twice as much for the exact same product and the better price is available in the store they are currently at.
It really stresses me out to see that, I don’t know how much more I can take. They just gave the store $3.00 for absolutely no reason at all. Even if this person was a $500 per hour super lawyer… that’s like 22 seconds of his time at work just wasted! I would definitely not want to have this lawyer defending me that’s for sure.
Now that I’ve thrown my tantrum, here’s what 2 liters looks like this week…
Finally the Coke and 7up drinkers catch a break, this has not been a good week for you so far.
You can find Coke 2 liters for just a buck at both Safeway and Albertsons WYB4 and 7up 2 liters at Safeway are only .89¢ each.
For Pepsi drinkers, it’s actually mathematically cheaper to buy 12 packs this week over the 2 liters. This is fairly rare but it does happen… so if you’re a Pepsi drinker and allergic to aluminum, hold off until the next set of sales before you rush out to the stores for your Pepsi fix.
  • 2 liter winner of the week…

7up takes it at .89¢ at Safeway. Coke follows close behind with only a dine in difference.

  • Episode XXV Summary:

Last week I called it by saying it was a horrible week to buy soda. If you did buy your soda last week, I just want you to know… you spent $1.50 to $2.50 more than those who are buying their soda this week. I’m not saying I’m always right and I should be listened to at all times, but that’s a pretty big chunk of change to lose per 12 pack. I know if I were me, and I just saved myself $2.50 or more, I would high five myself at least one time.

  1. Pepsi drinkers: Great prices this week so now is a good time to fill up the garage with your favorites. Next week, it will probably be about the same and possibly just a bit higher. More than likely, this price is the lowest it will be for this coming holiday.
  1. Coke and 7up drinker: Either wait until next weeks ads come out or start liking Pepsi. Next week should definitely bring some more competitive pricing our way from these 2 guys. If you absolutely can’t make it until next week, make sure you scour the shelves for instant coupons attached to the various packages and see if you can drop the price even just a little before you finalize those loan papers.

Thanks for checking out  PBL’s Soda Wars series, we’ll see you next time.

Adam H.


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