Soda Wars Episode XXVIII: July 13th – 19th

Welcome to Soda Wars Episode XXVIII. Soda Wars is a weekly blog presented by the Peanut Butter ListEvery Wednesday we illustrate which store has the best price on your favorite brands of soda. We price compare PepsiCoke and 7up in the 2 liter, 12 pack and 20/24 packs at ALL Colorado King SoopersSafeway and Albertsons locations. With this blog you’ll ‘know before you go’ who has the best deal on your favorite brands of soda each week before you head off to the stores. 

Today is July 13th, which marks the beginning of National Ventriloquism Week, so in honor of this special week, I’m going to write this entire blog without moving my lips.

Also this week, the 15th is Gummi Worm Day followed close by Cow Appreciation Day on the 16th. Monday the 18th is Get Out of the Dog House Day, which is one of just 2 holidays in the year geared towards men. Personally, I think this day should be in February a day or two after Valentines Day, but then who am I to argue with the July 18th logic?
After a little poking around the web, turns out Cow Appreciation Day was created by Chik-Fil-A restaurants chain and was actually on July 8th. Though the site linked in the last paragraph says that it’s just a day to sit back and really appreciate the cow… preferably a double cow with cheese. Either way, thank you cows for all you do, without you, french fries would just be cut up potatoes.
Let’s mooOOOoove on… (Sorry, today is actually Embrace Your Geekness Day.)
Soda prices are still pretty high this week with most prices sitting over .30¢ per can. Hopefully most of you are still surviving from the soda you bought during the July 4th sales. If you’re running low or missed the sales, here’s what we’re looking at for this week.
  • 12 Packs…
12 Pack Winner: 7up products at Albertsons (4/$10.00)
7up takes it this week with a $2.50 price tag at Albertsons. The only problem here is the limit of 4, so if you plan to buy a bunch of 7up your going to need to bring the kids or several different shirts shopping this time.
Following fairly close behind is the Pepsi products (and 7up) at Safeway with a $2.99 price WYB4 or more. This is pushing the limits with a .25¢ per can price but if the craving is there this price is acceptable once or twice throughout the year.
Coke drinkers might want to consider making their own soda at home this week. Every can price out there is .30¢ or higher in every store. The lowest price Coke 12 pack is a whopping $3.67, which is about .68¢ above an acceptable price. If you noticed, this “deal” of 3/$11.00 WYB3 made the front page of the ad right next to the Charmin toilet paper. I think they did this on purpose in honor of Cow Appreciation Day because this deal is bullsh…!
  • 20/24 packs…
20/24 Pack Winner: Coke and Pepsi 20 packs at Kings ($5.99 each)
(Good time to cash in the IRC’s from a few weeks back if you saved some)
Still no major sales on these packages yet as they all remain at or above .30¢ per can. Safeway does have a deal coming on Pepsi 24 packs this Friday (15th) which is weird when you consider it’s Gummi Worm Day.
On Friday the 15th 24 pack Pepsi will be $5.00 as part of their $5 dollar Friday deal of the week. Is this a good deal? Yes, it creates a .21¢ per can price but I can’t declare this the winner because it’s only for one day out of the entire week and disqualified for not including Gummi Worms.
I do want to point out one thing on this particular sale. If you look at the ad it reads…
Large Image
24-Pack Pepsi
$5 ea.
12-oz. cans. Selected varieties.
Price Valid 7/15/11 – 7/15/11
Add Item
Top of Page
What gets to me is where it says “SAVE UP TO $4.99 ea.” According to the store, you will save 50% by purchasing a 24 pack Pepsi on Friday. Really? I don’t even think Donald Trump would pay $9.99 for 24 cans of soda.
OK, so on Thursday the price is $6.99, Friday you pay $5.00, this looks more like $1.99 savings according to my math.
Here at PBL, we call that Grocery Store Non-cents. Non-cents is the calculation of inflated shelf prices to falsely increase the amount of appeared savings at checkout. So when you get your receipt and see the “you saved %” printed at the bottom and it’s higher, you feel better about shopping there. In the real world, you saved 28% instead of 50% compared at Safeway and 30% in savings when you compare it to the Kings 20 pack deal. No one in their right mind would ever pay $9.99 for 24 cans of soda so the idea of saving this amount is about as likely as the idea of ‘Get Out of the Dog House Day‘ actually working.
(I will expand on Grocery Store Non-cents in a future blog) 
  • 2 Liters…
2 Liter Winner: Pepsi brands at Kings (.89¢ Mega Event)
Kings is having a Mega Event starting this week which brings the Pepsi 2 liter price down to .89¢ when you buy 10 items. Pretty good deal and there’s quite a few items on the roster. You can pick up Vitamin Water 20oz or Lipton Naturals 20oz  for only .49¢ as part of your 10 items. So mix and match and be merry while you snag some of these great deals during the Mega Event at Kings this week.
Coke drinkers can grab their 2 liters at Albertsons for just .99¢ so not a horrible deal available there. Everywhere else is sitting at $1.25 or higher, and even a cow can appreciate how unreasonable those prices are.
Episode XXVIII Summary:
Sales are still sitting pretty slim after the holidays. Give it another week at least and see if the deals get a little better. Grab the $2.50 sales on 12 packs and the under $1.00 on 2 liter deals this week if it’s your brand. With the reported cost increases announced by both Pepsi and Coke, we don’t know what kind of sales we have coming in the near future.
Thank you for checking out this weeks Soda Wars. Until next time, grab some Gummi Worms, Geek out and appreciate some cows all while not moving your lips and of course, staying out of trouble… why? Because it’s July, that’s why! 

What’s the strangest ‘day’ you’ve ever celebrated?

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