FREE MILK for only $3.50… wait, what?

Good evening PBL friends.

This past Tuesday King Soopers posted a sneak preview of one of the sales in their ad this week. Who wants FREE MILK?? At first glance I thought, “WOW what a great deal!” We have 3 kids and 5 people at our house and we drink 3 to 4 gallons of milk every week at least, so the idea of getting milk for FREE made me look twice. I decided that before I run to King Soopers and stock up on cereal and milk, maybe I should check out the other stores prices and see just how good of a deal this actually is.
Here’s the Facebook post from King Soopers…
SNEAK PREVIEW- Who wants FREE MILK?? In tomorrow’s ad when you buy 4 participating General Mills Cereals you will get 2 FREE gallons of Colorado Proud Milk Instantly! Do you “like” free milk?
Now keep in mind that this was not a full scale investigation and more of a quest of curiosity, so I didn’t gather all of the prices on every variety of cereal included to get an exact level of overall value.

Here’s what is posted in this weeks ad at King Soopers for the FREE milk. There was quite a few GM cereals included in this deal, so the flavor selection was there.
The milk is Colorado Proud milk and has a shelf value for the week of $2.49 which gives this FREE deal an added value of $4.98.
The problem I had when I got to the store was that all of the GM cereals are at full retail shelf price with a range of $2.99 all the way up to $6.69. The only cereal I found with the $2.99 shelf price was the 11.8oz Cocoa Puffs. The other varieties went up to $3.49 and $4.00 until the 21.25oz box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch for $6.69.
Based on everything I saw, I set the average of all of these prices to be $3.89 each. This makes the purchase of 4 boxes of cereal to be $15.56 + 2 gallons of milk free. When you take into consideration the value of the milk your final value would be $10.58 or $2.65 per box of cereal on average. The per item price value at Kings would be $2.59 per item. You could buy only the $2.99 Cocoa Puffs for $11.96 and a final (after milk) value of $1.75 per box (or $1.99 per item)to really maximize on this deal, but for the sake of having a variety of choices for breakfast I’ll use the average price instead.

Next stop was Safeway, they usually have pretty good deals on their dry goods especially cereals. I found the range on GM cereals here to be as low as $2.49 for some and all the way to $5.79 for the big box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Cocoa Puffs (11.8oz) sat at $3.19 per box.
The average price of GM cereal at Safeway came to $3.39 each. If you bought 4 boxes, you’d spend $13.56. Add in the value of the free milk at Kings that you would need to purchase at Safeway and your total comes to $18.54 making the cost per box $4.64 in comparison to the Kings Soopers Deal. Even if you counted in the milk as a factor in this, your cost per item on this deal would be $3.09 each.

My last stop on this cereal tour was Albertsons. I grabbed an ad on the way in and the first thing I see on the front page is…

General Mills Cereal
thru Aug 2

Add to Printable List
8.9-12.8 oz. Select Varieties
Limit 6

I checked the shelf and found that pretty much all of the GM cereals within the size range posted were at $1.77 each. They still had the Cinnamon Toast Crunch (21.25oz) for $5.99, but who would buy that one when you can buy 2 small 12.8oz boxes and get 25.6oz for $3.54?
Obviously at Albertsons the average price per box was $1.77 and $7.08 for the purchase of 4 boxes. Adding in the value of the free milk at Kings brings the total to $12.06 and a per item price value of $2.01.

So what does all of that mean?
I will break it down as a per item price value. This is your out the door price for 4 boxes of cereal and 2 gallons of milk at all 3 stores using the average price for a variety of cereals and milk valued at $2.49.

King Soopers… average price per box $3.89 and a per item price value of $2.59each.
The total cost at Kings…. $15.56.
Safeway……….. average price per box $3.39 and a per item price value of $3.09each.
The total cost at Safeway… $18.54.
Albertsons…….. average price per box $1.77 and a per item price value of $2.01each.
The total cost at Albertsons… $12.06.

Save $3.50 on the same products at Albertsons!

Even if you only bought the $2.99 cereal at Kings to get the free milk, you are only saving .10¢ over the Albertsons deal, and at Albertsons you have a much wider selection of flavors at the lowest price.

Though this is a very enticing sale in the Kings ad this week, it turns out that Albertsons has a far better deal on the very same products. You’ll save yourself $3.50 total and have a better selection of cereal for the kids. Very clever marketing for the King Soopers guys, but they weren’t counting on the Peanut Butter List!


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