Soda Wars Episode XXXI: Aug. 3rd – 9th

Welcome to Soda Wars Episode XXXI. 

Soda Wars: Revenge of the Thirst is a weekly blog presented by the Peanut Butter ListEvery Wednesday we illustrate which store has the best prices on your favorite brands of soda. We price compare PepsiCoke and 7up in the 2 liter, 12 pack and 20/24 packs at ALL Colorado  King SoopersSafeway and Albertsons locations. With this blog you’ll ‘know before you go’ who has the best deal on your favorite brands of soda each week before you head off to the stores. 

Wednesday the 3rd of August. Starting a new month and marking just one month to go before the last summer sale on Labor Day week. Before I get into the soda sales for this week, I want to answer a question that came up this past week. The question was this, “so, is the Peanut Butter List only about soda?” The short answer to this is, nosoda is a very small part of the list we price compare at all 3 stores every week. 
This blog and these soda prices are 9 items on our list of over 1200 that we price side by side every week to find out the lowest possible prices on a wide variety of grocery items. This is a snippet of the information we offer and a small taste of the amount of money you can save on your groceries simply by knowing where to go and when to buy.
Imagine this concept of side by side comparison along with our easy glimpse scoring system to create your weekly shopping list on everything you buy at the grocery store… that’s what the Peanut Butter List is. The easiest way to save the most money on your groceries.
So why is this blog focused on soda?
2 reasons. 
Reason one.
I have been inside of the soda industry for 14 years and know it very well. I’m not going to say which company because I don’t want anyone to think I am bias toward any company over the other. This is my first blog, so I’m writing about what I know to get started.
It was the work I do that helped bring about the idea behind PBL. I saw person after person buying product at one store at a higher price than they could buy it just a few blocks away. I thought to myself, ‘if they knew what the other stores sale was, would they have come to this store to make a purchase?’
Then I expanded on that idea and wondered how people would shop if they could know where to get all of their groceries at the lowest available prices for the week before they left their house. This led to the thought of, how would people change their buying habits if they could easily see the historical prices for each item on their list. Would someone buy a product knowing that it has been, and will be again, at a much lower price?
For example, soda 12 packs, if you knew that the lowest price for the best routine sale was $2.49 and the average good sale price was right around $3.00 each… would you still pay $4.49 per 12 pack    to get your soda fix? Or would you go to the store with the $3.00 sale and save yourself $1.49 per 12 pack ($4.47 for the average purchase of three 12 packs per grocery trip.)
Do that on everything you buy at the grocery store, then add in some online coupons and a little bit of stockpiling, and you’ll begin to understand what the Peanut Butter List is all about.
Reason two.
Soda has one of the most volatile prices at the grocery stores and changes just about every single week. These prices can jump or drop by a few bucks every day, sometimes even more than that if there’s a weekend or one day sale. Soda is one of many items that have this ever changing price where buying at the right time could mean the difference in hundreds of dollars saved or spent throughout the year on this one routine purchase.
Our goal at the Peanut Butter List is to allow every person the availability to purchase ALL of their groceries at their lowest possible prices every time they walk into the stores. Soda just seemed like a good place to start.
If you would like to see any other products in this or other blog series like this, please let me know in the comments sections which products you would like to see me compare here every week. 
Since I have rambled away on this blog about other topics, I will make the actual Soda Wars nice and quick.
  • Best priced 12 packs for Colorado this week?
12 pack Winner: 7up at Safeway ($2.49 WYB10 (M&M))
The 7up is a PBL Item and is at it’s lowest historical price this week with a $2.49 price point. 7up drinkers rejoice… and stock up! Everyone else is well above $3.00 per pack, which I find hard to swallow, even if it is liquid.
  • Best priced 20/24 packs for Colorado this week?
20/24 Pack Winner: Coke at Safeway ($4.99 WYB10 (M&M))
With a score of 90, Coke takes this one by far as the best deal this week. Just make sure you look at the per can and per fluid ounce breakdowns before you make a purchase.
  • Best priced 2 liters for Colorado this week?
2 Liter Winner: 7up at Safeway (WYB10 (M&M))
Another 90 score in this category. 7up dominates the prices this week with the highest scores in 2 packages. Hope this is your brand, because this is a great time to fill the garage with your favorite 7up flavors.
Safeway dominates the other stores this week and offers the lowest  prices in all 3 packages across the board. Of course, with an ad event called “Big Beverage Event, Mix and Match,” I would hope that they have the lowest prices on soda. If not, they might have to change the name to, “Big Profit Margin Event, Raise and Pay Extravaganza.”
See you here next week late Wednesday with new sales, and with any luck, better prices. Have a good week friends, see you in 7.

What other items would like to see battle it out for best deal in the PBL blog? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks.


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