Going into Labor… Day weekend.

 Welcome to Soda Wars Episode: XXXV Aug. 31st – September 6th

Sorry I missed a few weeks adding this blog over to WordPress. I usually post first over here (click) and then copy paste it over to WordPress. So click the link and follow that and you’re sure to always get the latest. Here’s the Labor Day weekend Soda Wars and again, I apologize for not putting this up here also. Please forgive me.

Soda Wars: Revenge of the Thirst is a weekly blog presented by the Peanut Butter List. Every week (usually Wednesday) we illustrate which grocery store has the best prices on your favorite brands of soda. We price compare CokePepsi and 7up in a variety of packages in ALL Colorado King SoopersSafeway and Albertsons locations. With this blog and the Peanut Butter List, you’ll ‘know before you go‘ which store has the best deal on your favorite soda each week before you leave your house.
Well here it is, the last official holiday weekend of the summer. As far as soda goes these are some of the best prices we’ve seen since starting Soda Wars 10 weeks ago. If you have a change jar or a little extra cash floating around somewhere, you can save a large chunk of money by stocking up on these sales.
Please share this blog and this information with your friends and family. This is the week to save money on soda. The more you can stock up the more you will save in the long run. Just click the Facebook, Twitter, or any of the share buttons at the bottom of the blog and let everyone know about these great sales.

I do have some bad news if you’re a Coke drinker. Coke decided not to participate in the pricing game during this holiday so hopefully you bought your Coke last week at Albertsons when it was 4/$9.88. The best price for Coke this week is still .39¢ higher than the competition.

So who does have the lowest price? Pretty much everyone else and at just about every store.

Let’s look at the 12pack soda sales…

OMG! Look at all of those green tacks and scores of 100! 
Five sales listed at their absolute lowest price. These prices actually lowered the historical low price with a $2.40 price point. Now there are a few rules in getting these prices, so instead of declaring a winner this week I’ll break down the sales so everyone is getting the most out of the sales and can be sure to maximize the savings.

King Soopers:
Pepsi and 7up… 
Buy 4 and get a 5th one free bringing the price down to $2.40 each WYB5. If you don’t grab the 5th one you will pay a higher price than $2.40, so make sure you pick up five 12packs when your there.
Sits on a 4/$12.00 deal and a $3.00 tag for each 12pack.

Pepsi and 7up… 
Buy 2 and get 3 free. So you pay the full shelf price of $5.99 on 2 packs and get 3 more 12packs free bringing the price down to $2.40 each WYB5. If you buy less than 5 you will pay $5.99 for each 12pack and this is not a deal where if you buy more than 5 you get the same deal. So if you buy 7 packs, you’ll get 5 for $2.40 and 2 for $5.99 each.
This is the best price for Coke out of all 3 stores. $2.79 each WYB4+. The ‘+’ means that you can buy ‘4 or more’ and as long as you have at least 4 you’ll get the sale price on every 12pack purchased. Anything less than the 4 and you pay a higher price.

$2.40 WYB4. They claim a one reward per transaction and some cashiers and stores will enforce that and others wont.
This is the highest price on Coke 12packs out there this week, do not buy these.
These 12packs are the highest priced of all stores and all brands this week at $3.67. That’s $1.27 more in cost than the very same 7up products just down the street at either King Soopers and Safeway. If you buy 5, you’ll pay $6.35 more at Albertsons… That’s just about 2 gallons of gas just spent by not driving to one of the other stores.

12packs are the package of choice this week but let’s go ahead and look at other package prices as well.

20/24 packs

The only notable 20pack on sale this week is the Albertsons deal of $4.99 per 20pack of Coke when you buy 2. With the purchase of 2 you save $2.00 at checkout bringing it down to the $4.99 price, otherwise you’ll pay $5.99 each. This price is about the same as paying $3.00 per 12pack.

2 liters

King Soopers and Pepsi offer the best deal at .86¢ each WYB6 (buy 4 get 2 free.) You can grab Coke or 7up for $1.00 each at Albertsons and Safeway has a one day sale on Friday the 2nd on Pepsi and 7up 2 liter at just .89¢. If you buy 2 liters at Safeway on any other day you’re going to pay a huge price of $1.67 each.

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend and enjoys the extra time with friends and family. Be sure to look through each stores ads this week, there are some other great deals out there on a bunch of different products that you wont want to miss out on.

See you here next week with the new ads, and with any luck better pr… actually, the prices wont be better next week. They will in fact be higher, much much higher… so buy your soda this week and next week we will come back here to see just how much the prices do go up.

See you in 7.


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