Soda Wars Episode XXXVII: September 14th – 20th

Welcome to Soda Wars Episode: XXXVII, September 14th – 20th

Soda Wars: Revenge of the Thirst is a weekly blog presented by the Peanut Butter List. Every week (usually Wednesday) we illustrate which grocery store has the best prices on your favorite brands of soda. We price compare CokePepsi and 7up in a variety of packages in ALL Colorado King SoopersSafeway and Albertsons locations. With this blog and the Peanut Butter List, you’ll ‘know before you go‘ which store has the best deal on your favorite soda each week before you leave your house.

Hello again! Last week we missed Soda Wars due to several factors, one of which was the lack of a running and operable vehicle. Today that issue is resolved and things are also settling back down to a normal level. Hopefully none of you had to purchase any soda last week because you stocked up during the great holiday ads the previous week. This week is not looking too much better and companies are waiting until we get a little closer to Halloween before putting up any great ads.
There are a couple of deals out there depending on your drink of choice.
Best 12pack deal this week: 7up at Safeway ($2.50 wyb4)
Best 20/24pack deal this week: Coke at Albertsons ($5.49)
This package has not been on a great ad in awhile and it’s usually what the companies put on sale between holidays to try and help increase their overall volume. Be sure to look for Instant Rebate Coupons (IRC’s) on these package in all brands. When they’re not in ad the vendors try to put the IRC’s on the larger package to help move some product. Safeway had some $1.00 off of one IRC’s dropping their 20pack price to $5.49 to match Albertsons deal. These are manufacturers coupons so there’s no rule against taking a coupon from Safeway over to Albertsons and getting your 20pack Coke at $4.49.
2 liters
Best 2 liter deal this week: 7up at Kings and Safeway (.89¢)
At King Soopers the 7up 2 liters are part of the Mix and Match Event so in order to get the .89¢ price tag you will need to have 10 items from the M&M to qualify. At Safeway, this is just the sale price with no limits or special qualifications.

Safeway has the best deal for Pepsi at .99¢ wyb4+. Not a horrible deal but definitely not the time to stock up just yet.

This entry will be rather short, I’m feeling very sick today and need to get some shut eye. Hope everyone is staying dry and warm… and feeling better than myself.

See you here next week with the new ads, and with any luck, better prices.
See you in 7.


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