Christmas Grocery List is ready.

Christmas Grocery List is ready.

Hello and Merry Christmas everyone.
Earlier today we put up the first of our Christmas Grocery List for this holiday season. You can download the list one ourFacebook Friend Page or visit and download it from there. I will post it here on this blog as well, but on another day… it’s been a very long day for me and I’m ready for bed.
What is our Christmas Grocery List all about?
It’s very similar to the list we put out for Thanksgiving, but if you missed that one I will explain what it is a bit further. The Christmas List is a list of over 200 common holiday grocery items price compared at King Soopers, Safeway and Albertsons. This list will be updated every week with the new grocery ads from now until Christmas. Today we released the first list and there’s over $180 in savings just by buying the right items at the right stores. There’s a lot of great pre-holiday prices out there right now, so you may want to grab a few of your items early this year to save the most money.
Check back at this blog for a full review of the current ad prices every week as we talk about some of the better deals at the stores for the week.
You can download the list either as an Excel document or as a PDF. and you can get it on our Facebook Page or on our website. ( every week starting right now until Christmas. The new ad prices will be updated each Thursday evening after we’ve had a chance to collect them from the stores.
We encourage you to share the list or the links to the list with all of your friends and family. Share the savings on all of your holiday meal needs this year.

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