Save over $200 on groceries for your holiday meal. Now with coupons!


The Christmas season is upon us, in fact we are only 8 short days away from the day itself. Hopefully you already have all of your Christmas shopping done and your ready just about ready for the big day. The only left to prepare is the meal for your family and anyone else you might be sharing a meal with over the holidays.


A lot of people spend the entire month hunting for deals on the gifts they intend to buy for their loved ones. This card swiping event starts on Black Friday and for some doesn’t end until the last DVD or pair of socks are cleaned off of the store shelves. But what about the meals over this holiday? How much money have you saved in planning out your meals and buying your items at their best prices? For that matter what are the best prices?


Enter the Peanut Butter List

This is where the Peanut Butter List comes in. We are the easiest way to save the most money on your groceries no matter what time of year it is. Granted this holiday has come before our company has officially opened the gates but we have put together some information for you to save some cash on your groceries throughout the holidays. We started this back in Thanksgiving in hopes to get a little attention before our official launch in January. The Thanksgiving List was put out during the last week before the holiday so we only captured some of the savings that were available. For Christmas, we are already one our second list with one more to go.


The first list had over $200 in savings when comparing the highest price to the best available price. The second list was put up on Thursday the 15th and came in at around $177 in grocery savings. That’s a pretty significant amount of savings and the only decision you need to make is when to go to what store in order to buy all of your items at their best prices. Or at the very least, look at the prices compared at King Soopers, Safeway and Albertsons and choose the one store that has the lowest overall price on all of the items you want to buy and just make one trip there.


Now with COUPONS!

Today we updated this weeks list again and added some of the coupons that we were able to find online that included items on our holiday list. We found around $22 in online printable coupons that you can grab with just a few clicks and save even more money. If you look at the Christmas Grocery List (either PDF or Excel file) you will notice the coupons highlighted in yellow as you scroll through the list. On the left side of each coupon line you will find a link to where you can go to print the coupons.

If you’ve never used any of these online coupon sites you will more than likely need to register with them in order to print out the coupons you want. It only takes a few minutes and install is just a click or two and your done, and once your done your done forever, so you will not have to do this every time. Once you have registered and have the coupon printing software you are ready to print money at home. Just add the coupons you want to print form their lists. There are several more coupons on all of those sites as we only linked to the ones that we had products listed for. Some sites allow you to add the coupons directly to your shoppers card.  This is a pretty cool feature, but I personally like to have the coupon in hand when I go to the store.

With most sites you will get about 3 coupons per page and if you add them to your shoppers card you have the option to print or email yourself a list of the coupons you’ve added.


Now simple print your coupons, print out the Peanut Butter List Christmas Grocery List and go shopping. It’s fast and easy and the best part is, you’re going to be saving money instead of spending it.


Share the wealth

As we said before, we are making these lists for you guys for a few reasons… One, we want you to save money on your groceries this holiday and many more to come. And two, we would like you to help us spread the word about the Peanut Butter List. Tell your friends, tell your parents, share us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or anywhere where you can think that there might be someone who could stand to save some money on their groceries over the holidays.


In January when we launch, we are going to have several features:


  •  A huge list of over 1000 common grocery items price compared side by side at King Soopers, Safeway and Albertsons.
  • Coupons right form our site.
  • Interactive lists. Create, change, swap and save your lists as you wish.
  • MyPBList email notifications for items you’ve set the price you want to pay. When it’s on sale, we let you know.
  • A very generous affiliate program. Make money while you save money!
  • And so much more… by the end of 2012 you’re going to wonder how you ever grocery shopped with the Peanut Butter List.
Here’s the links to download our lists:
These prices are only valid in Colorado and are good for King Soopers, Safeway and Albertsons but we encourage you to print these lists and take them to any store to see how the ads compare at some of the other stores.

Thank you all for helping us make the Peanut Butter List a great company.
We appreciate all of your feedback so please continue to let us know how we can make your life at the grocery stores easier and less stressful for you.
Merry Christmas and happy savings!
We’ll have the last weeks prices updated for you on the 22nd.


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