Albertsons Sales and Deals for June 28th through July 4th

The Peanut Butter List

is the only shopping list that makes ‘cents.

Colorado’s largest grocery price comparison website.

Below are some of the items on sale this week at Albertsons pulled from These are just a few of the prices from our list of over 1000 advertsised and unadvertsised  sale prices that we collect every week at King Soopers, Safeway and Albertsons.
Below each item you’ll also see a SCORE. This is our rating system for the current sale for each item. It ranges from 0 to 100 with 0 being the worst sale and 100 being the lowest price we have recorded

Viewing the prices at the Peanut Butter List is simple and easy. You’ll save hundreds by buying your grocery items at the right store and the right time.  Compare these prices at King Soopers,  Safeway and Albertsons and see who has the items you want to buy at the lowest possible prices in town.

  •  View thousands of grocery sales prices ~ advertised and unadvertised.
  • Compare every item SIDE BY SIDE with King SoopersSafeway and Albertsons.
  • View the price history for each item and see what a good deal really is.
  • Every sale is SCORE’d to make finding the best deal easy.
  • Make, save and print your shopping list.
  • Add to your savings with coupons
  • And so much more…

Go there right now! It’s FREE!

Start saving money every time you shop!
Albertsons is the place to go to nab some great prices on a few items. A lot of their sale prices are cheaper than the competition but the checkout price for all of your groceries are better served to shop around. If you’re close to an Albertsons, be sure to always compare this store to the others just to make sure that you’re not missing a great deal.
Also be sure to check out the blog on the other stores prices for this week:
Bertolli Olive Oils, 25.5oz – Item #781
BOGO: $6.64 each, Buy One Get One FREE
Score: 100
Pepsi 12 Pack, 12oz 12 pack – Item #444
WYB4: $2.47 each when you buy 4 or multiples of 4
Score: 99
Aquafina Purified Drinking Water, 16.9oz 24 pack – Item #1067
WYB2: $3.99 each when you buy 2 or multiples of 2
Score: 77
Coca Cola 2 Liter, 2 liter- Item #434
WYB5: $1 each when you buy 5 or multiples of 5
Score: 79
Scotch-Brite Scrubbing Sponges, 6ct pack – Item #302
BOGO: $3.49 each, Buy One Get One FREE
Score: 81
Nathan’s Famous Beef Franks Hot dogs, 12-16oz – Item #1102
BOGO: $3.24 each, Buy One Get One FREE
Score: 93
Ball Park Beef Franks Hot dogs, 16oz – Item #1104
BOGO: $3.24 each, Buy One Get One FREE
Score: 72
Pork Spareribs Previously Frozen, per lb – Item #1161
BOGO: $2.49 each, Buy One Get One FREE
Score: 74
Pork Babyback Ribs Previously Frozen, per lb – Item #1162
B1G2: $2.66 each, Buy 1 Get 2 FREE
Score: 100

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