Waldo Canyon Wildfire Time-lapse Video (Grab a Tissue)

Watching this video brought a tear to my eye and a whole new perspective on the severity of this tragedy. You don’t realize how massive this thing was  when seeing it from your window or driving by on the road.

I wish there was a video similar to this that could capture the way our community stepped up and really pulled together as a community to help everyone in need. Colorado is a great place to live and Colorado Springs is full of wonderful people and wonderful spirit.

Thank you to everyone who fought the fires, kept the city going, volunteered, donated or even just managed to wipe a tear and encourage a smile during these past few days.

This video shows the beginning of the fire. They are still out there fighting, there are still people in need. We may not be able to see anymore smoke from our windows but there’s still help to be given. Here’s a great list from

ColoradoMoms.com of various ways we can help out and continue to help these brave men and women who saved our city.

Image of Buy One for a Firefighter - C Fire

Click here to view this link.

Another great way to help comes from a local group of professionals who came up with a great idea to raise money to aid the situation.

WildFireTees.com has created a bunch of t-shirts relating to the Waldo Canyon wildfire and are donating the money to help support those fighting the blaze.

You can buy one of their shirts for yourself or buy one for one of the firemen fighting this fire.

Even the younger generagtion can get involved and donate to support Colorado when they buy some music.

Claymore Disco, a local Colorado Springs band is giving all of their proceeds until July 4th to the Colorado Red Cross.

Check out this Etsy link from Christine Ibanez.

Christine and her husband are making these great survival bracelets to help raise some money for Colorado families and fighting these fires.

What is a Survival Bracelet?

“Paracord Survival Bracelets
They are called “Survival Bracelets” and are worn by military because the bracelet contains approx. 10 – 15 feet of 550 cord. In case of a survival situation, the bracelet is unwound and the cord is used for what ever purpose is needed. Also, 550 cord has 7 internal strands that can be used to stitch wounds, as fishing line, or thread to repair gear and clothes. They are also called “combat” bracelets or that soldiers make them for each other before missions. Most people nowadays call them “survival” bracelets and they are quite common among hikers, hunters, military personnel and others who may find themselves in a situation where a length of rope is needed. There are whole forums dedicated to survival uses of paracord.”

Firefighters Paracord Men's Bracelet 8.5" -black with red lineMilitary Paracord Men's Bracelet 8.5" -black with olive drab green linePolice Paracord Men's Bracelet 8.5" -black with blue line

Thank you Christine and family!

I will update this blog as I find new ways to get involved and help not only fight this fire in Colorado Springs but to help put out all of the fires in Colorado.

If you’ve heard of a great way to get involved please put it in the comments and I’ll add it to the list.

Thank you again, to the community of Colorado Springs and the men and women who are fighting this fire. You’re in our hearts and our prayers.


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