SoBe Lifewater for Only .38¢ at King Soopers


Do you like or drink SoBe Lifewater?    


Have you ever tried it?


Do you have 0.38¢? 




This is an image from King Soopers on Centennial. The sale price for SoBe Lifewater this week is 0.88¢ which is already a fair deal.


However; you know those coupon dispensers from SmartSource that you see scattered throughout the stores attached to the shelves? Yeah, the ones that the kids love to pull coupon after coupon out of because it’s fun.


Somewhere in most King Soopers there are one of those coupon dispensers, as in the image, with a coupon for SoBe products… save $1.00 when you buy 2.


SoBe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With this coupon you can grab these SoBe Lifewaters’ for just 0.38¢ each.


  • 0.88¢ each X 2 bottles = 1.76
  • 0.76¢ for both after using the coupon of $1.00 off (0.38¢ each)
  • Buy a case of 12 SoBe Lifewaters’ for just  $4.56!

Here’s a commercial for Lifewater from their website… and for the fellas’ here the girl from their commercial in body paint. Also from their site.


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