About PBL?

What is the Peanut Butter List?

The Peanut Butter List is a website that shows you the easiest way to save the MOST money on your groceries.

How do we do that?
We have compiled a list of over 2000 of the most commonly purchased grocery items. Each week we update these prices at Kings SoopersSafeway and Albertsons and compare the sale prices side by side. That’s 6000 commonly purchased grocery items price compared each and every week. You will see which store has the items you want at the lowest possible price.
We also store the weekly price data and have a huge price book for each item and its historical high and low prices. You can use this data and know when the item you want is actually on sale. Let’s face it, just because an item is ‘on sale’ doesn’t mean that it’s actually at a good price.
You simply log into the website, make your shopping list, then choose to go to the one store that offers the lowest overall price or save even more money by shopping at two or all three stores. Imagine buying all of your groceries at their lowest possible prices each week all year long.
Easily add to your savings with online coupons. At launch, we will have a ton of printable or loadable coupons you can add to your shopping lists. Later on, we are going to incorporate these coupons to automatically attach to your created lists. The coupons will print out along with your list. No more clipping or searching through a huge file, your coupons are attached right to your shopping lists.
The Peanut Butter List has a ton of features that will be available at launch and a lot more that are coming soon after. You can learn more about us and what we are doing on our Facebook page. Click on the ‘like‘ button and/or follow us on Twitter (@mypblist) and join in on the fun and be the first to know when we launch and what we’re up to. We hope to see you there!
Website features:
Huge lists and Price Book
  • Over 2000 grocery items compared side by side at Kings Soopers, Safeway and Albertsons.
  • The stores weekly print ad is also available on our website to easily compare ads each week.
  • Save you shopping lists and use them again later.
  • Buy all of your groceries at their lowest prices each week all year long.
  • Online printable and loadable coupons available.
  • Print your shopping lists along with your coupons.
Peanut Butter List
  • This is a list of the items from our lists that are at (or near) their historically lowest price in the last 52 weeks.
  • Each item is also marked with the running man icon throughout all of the main list categories.
My Peanut Butter List
  • You can set the price you want to pay for each item on our list and save it to your profile
  • When your items reach the set price, we’ll let you know which store has it on sale.
Recipes and Meal Planning
  • We have an ever growing list of recipes that overtime will be connected directly to your shopping lists.
  • Pick a recipe and we add it to your shopping lists.
  • In time, we will have each recipe listed with all of the ingredients updated prices for every week.
  • Our goal with meal planning is to make this a quick and easy process saving you both time and money.
Affiliate Programs
  • Earn money for you, organizations and schools by spreading the PBL.
  • Check out the Facebook Page for more details.
Give and Live Locally
  • 10% of our revenue will be donated to local charities and non-profits.
  • Local schools will get 50% of all revenue they bring in through the affiliate program.
  • PBL matches all revenue brought in through our Everyone Eats Advertising Programand donates it to local food related charities and organizations.
And so much more…
  • We have a lot of features in development and will only add to the overall value of the Peanut Butter List without increasing our costs.
Costs? How much does PBL cost?
We have a ‘Strength in Numbers‘ business model and operate our company with a ‘We’re all in this Together‘ approach to doing business. Our mission is to offer our members and advertisers more in USE value than they will ever pay in cash value. Oar goal is that every member and/or advertiser will either save or earn more money than they will ever pay for our services.
Our memberships are as low as $1.00 per week (when billed annually.)
Advertisers can pay as little as .99¢ per week for just about every position of advertising space we have… and sometimes less.
We are keeping our prices as low as possible so that any person or business can use our service and start saving and/or making money the very first time they use our website.
We’re all in this together means just that, the more you use our site and share our site the more all of us succeed.
Thank you for checking into our company and learning more about us. We look forward to hearing from you and providing our service to you.
On behalf of all of us at The Peanut Butter List,

Thank you!


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