What does PBL cost?

We Offer 4 Membership Plans:

  1. 52 weeks for ….$52.00 *(best value)
  2. 26 weeks for ….$39.00
  3. 4 weeks for …….$7.00
  4. Weekly for ……..$3.00

All memberships access the same data and offer the same features on our site. All memberships will be automatically renewed and continue billing until cancelled. 

  • *Breaks down to $1.00 per week

Why do we charge for our service?

There’s a few reasons we’ve opted to go the route of paid memberships:

  1. We actually physically check each and every price  on our site in the stores, so a portion of this money will go to our staff so we can continue to do that each week.
  2. Most online businesses rely heavily on advertising to generate money. Our advertising on the site is focused on helping local businesses and not lining our pockets. We offer very inexpensive advertising for LOCAL ONLY businesses. Once certain criteria has been met by the business, they are allowed to advertise on our site to our members. The business can eliminate or reduce their costs by offering our members exclusive deals or discounts. We only advertise companies that can offer value to our members.
  3. We use part of the membership fees to impact the local communities of our members through local charities and non-profits.
  4. They also pay for contests and member incentive or care packages.

What if I don’t like it, can I get my money back?

  1. Everyone considering to join gets 15 days to fully test every feature we offer before they even put in a payment option. More details
  2. After the 15 days have passed, you’ll select your membership plan, then enter in your payment information. Once the payment has been processed our policy is “no refunds.” This is due to how split and divided every dollar gets after processing. Part goes to charities, part goes to local businesses, affiliates, schools, or any number of our community projects.

What happens when I cancel?

  1. When you cancel your membership, you simply turn off the automatic renewal system. Your membership will carry out for the full term of your purchase with no restrictions or limitations.



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