Our Founding Members

Adam Hebert

Adam Hebert

Founder and CEO

Adam is the visionary mind behind the Peanut Butter List and has dedicated the last 3 years of his life to designing and re-designing the features, concepts and ideas you’ll find here at PBL. Capturing his 17 years experience in the grocery industry and applying a “we’re all in this together” method of thinking with his generous spirit, Adam has built this company with the benefit of everyone in mind.

He is driven and motivated by the idea of adding value to peoples’ lives in the simplest and yet most impact-full ways. He is focused and goal oriented, once his mind is set, anything can and will be accomplished.Born and raised in Colorado, (minus a few years here and a couple there) Adam has worked in the grocery industry for over 17 years in all facets of the business. He’s gone from cleaning the floors to stocking the shelves, from managing a small team to managing a group of 50+. He has implemented various logistics programs in his field as well as assisted in the launch of several small businesses as an adviser, researcher and conceptual designer.

Now, as the Founder and CEO of PBL, Adam combines his raw natural talents of creativity and leadership with his generosity and passion for making a difference in the lives of those around him. He is the focus and direction of PBL whose main purpose is to build a service designed to help you (our Members), your community and the local businesses in the community.

In 2006 Adam met Branda and her 3 kids. In September of 2011 they were married. Together, they are raising their wonderful kids, two dogs, two cats and a fish in their home in Colorado Springs. This new family life is what has inspired PBL into existence and this new family is what motivates Adam toward his own success as well as the overall success of the community.

 If you would like to contact Adam you may email him at adam@mypblist.com.

Branda Hebert

Branda Hebert

Founder and President

Branda loves working with people and has a driven passion to help everyone in any way she can. While possessing the key ingredients for a strong and compassionate leader, Branda leads our team with a focus on success and the overall satisfaction for our company, our service, and you… our members.

As the President of the Peanut Butter List, Branda is the heart of our company.She’s a proud mother of 2 girls (7 and 10) and 1 boy (8) and the sister of 4 wonderful women.

Born and raised in beautiful Colorado, she recently married the love of her life, Adam Hebert. She has worked in customer service and retail as a manager for the majority of her working career before the Peanut Butter List.

Now, with co-founding PBL, Branda is able to combine her love of helping people and her passion to save money into one great company. 

If you would like to contact Branda you may email her at branda@mypblist.com.

Jordan Richmeier

Jordan Richmeier

Founder and CTO

As Chief Technology Officer it is Jordan’s responsibility to maintain and develop every feature you see here on The Peanut Butter List. Using his knowlege of web development and server side languages he’s crafted dozens of websites and web based applications.

Jordan went to school at Collins College in Phoenix Arizona and majored in Game Design Principles. It was there he started designing rich and fully featured web applications.

Through self taught methods Jordan has gained enough knowledge to create everything you use here everyday on The Peanut Butter list. Jordan has been an essential part of PBL and he has taken the company from concept and dream to the reality it today. His vast knowledge of computers and web design has been crucial to all of us. 

If you would like to contact Jordan you may email him at jordan@mypblist.com.

Jolynn Hebert

Jo Lynn Hebert

Founder and CFO

As Chief Financial Officer Jo Lynn has 18 years accounting, retail and customer sevice experience.  Her responsibilities are to ensure that all finances are delegated to the appropriate groups, all of our partners and affiliates get paid, and all of our charitable donations get paid.

She is also charged with setting budgets and financial limits for the entire company in each department. Every dollar that comes into PBL gets split and divided in several directions, Jo Lynn has to make sure that all of those divisions are done accurately and timely.

She and her husband moved to Colorado from California in 2007, to be closer to family, which has 3 adult children and 9 grandchildren.Jo Lynn does have a bit of help in the financial side of things.

Tina Wright is our finance and tax expert who acts as a consultant (and more) to ensure that we are doing things right and continue to do so. Thank you Tina!

If you would like to contact Jo Lynn you may email her at jolynn@mypblist.com.

If you would like to contact Tina you may email her at Tina@mypblist.com.

Dan Hebert

Dan Hebert

Founder and CAO

Dan is the Chief Analytical Officer for the Peanut Butter List and has served in the public sector for over 30 years. His attention to detail make him perfect for navigating the vast amount of data and information that flows into PBL and figuring out the best way to use that data to better serve our members.

He has several years of experience in customer service and retail sales. He has been in a position of authority for more than 20 years, and has 5 years of industry related college education.

Dan moved to Colorado with his wonderful wife (Jo Lynn) to be closer to his family of three children and nine grandchildren. Altogether, Dan has lived in Colorado for nearly 20 years.

Dan became interested in the concept of The Peanut Butter List due to an interest in helping people learn how to save money on a basic necessity, groceries.

If you would like to contact Dan you may email him at dan@mypblist.com.



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