Advertising Types

We are currently getting ready to incorporate advertising into the main website so as we go some of this information might need to be changed or updated, but these are the types of advertising we are planning on adding.

We are limiting our advertising space to local businesses only.

As much as we would like to collect large checks from corporations and show you the latest cell phone or car that’s out there, we are not going that route with our advertising. Our goal with advertising is to offer local businesses of any size  an outlet to reach a lot of people while costing their business very little money.

Believe me I’ve had plenty of people shake their head at me for going this route and saying that ‘advertising is where you’re going to make all of your money’. For an online company that may be true, but we feel that PBL is more of a local business that happens to operates online. 

The only reason we decided to add advertising to PBL is to benefit and grow the local businesses in the states where we operate.

Advertising on

Digital advertising – Banners

All of our banners will rotate with page loads to allow for more ads to be seen throughout various locations. We will also use geo-targeting so that businesses can specify and target areas they want their ads to be visible or non-visible.

  • Header banner – This will be a large banner just above the main content. This might get placed above the webpage itself so the pages can stay consistent as the site is navigated.
  • Side Banner(s) – This will be one or two small vertical rectangle or square banner ads that appear above or below the organizer on the right side.
  • Priority Ads Inside the Lists (PAIL) – These are ads that can be placed within categories of the list and mixed in with the items themselves. The idea behind this is to allow the smaller local grocers or farmers to place their products with similar products from the major grocery chains.

Physical Advertising – Printed Coupons or Ads

These are ads or coupons that are attached to the printed lists from each member. There are 2 ads per page of each printed list and the average member prints 2 to 3 pages for their shopping lists.

  • Printed Advertising Coupons (PAC) – This is a perfect way to place your ad, business card, or coupon directly into the hands of your potential customers.
  • PAC allows you to test new marketing strategies and find out what works and what doesn’t before investing significant money in your next marketing strategy.

Exclusive Deals or Discounts (EDD) – Perfect for connecting your business locally.

Other ways we promote your business:

Social Media – We promote our advertisers on all of our social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and our Blog. Since all of our advertisers are local businesses, and of course we want to grow our local community and economy, so we will always promote our local advertisers throughout all of our social media outlets to try and reach all of our community.

  • Promote your EDD’s
  • Promote your Sales, Ads, Promos, Contests
  • Promote your achievements and community involvement

Once you’ve advertised with us we leave your business information in our directory of local businesses so that even though you may or may not be actively advertising, our members can seek you out through our directory of local businesses.


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