EDD Program

EDD stands for Exclusive Deals and Discounts.

This is a section of our advertising program that allows local businesses to offer local people Exclusive Deals and Discounts that can only be found on the Peanut Butter List.

Our advertisers or partners can offer our members an EDD in exchange for free or discounted advertising on peanutbutterlist.com, our social media outlets, and/or our affiliated websites.

As a Local Business who offers an EDD:

  • You get discounted and/or free advertising with PBL.
  •    Including on our Facebook, Twitter, Blog, and YouTube social media sites.
  • Gain access to our growing community of local people and businesses.
  • Reach customers around your business without the normal expensive marketing costs.
  • Our main goal is to grow your business, not line our pockets.
How it works:
We will have a special coupon with a unique code that the member will print out in order to receive the EDD. The business can verify the code through its profile on peanutbutterlist.com. This will prevent the user from mass printing or sharing the deal should the business want to limit the EDD to a certain amount, or they can simply ignore the unique code and accept any new business and offer the EDD to anyone with the code without limitation. 
PBL is dedicated to the idea of making a difference over a dollar. We want you, as business owners, to have an inexpensive outlet to reach your customers and be a part of our community.

To learn more about offering an EDD or advertising on PBL please contact: adam@mypblist.com


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