Compare Grocery Prices

We compare our grocery list of 1,000 grocery items every week at:

Once a month we compare our entire list to: (coming soon)

Possible Future Stores:


Why we compare this way:

King  Soopers, Safeway and Albertsons are on a ‘Hi-Lo’ pricing strategy, which means that they change most of their prices each week in order to tempt customers with some great deals. While a few of the deals are great, others are not. Knowing when to buy the item becomes vastly important while trying to save money here.

Wal-Mart and Target are considered ‘Everyday Price‘ stores and maintain their pricing throughout much longer periods of time. These types of stores will have the occasional sale at a lowered price but, for the most part, their prices remain the same each week.

  • These types of stores are also very capable of geographically setting their prices. Even stores within one city can have varied prices for the same items. They can use demographics and median incomes of the neighborhood to raise or lower prices across the board in order to capture the available market shares.

More information…

King Soopers, Safeway and Albertsons, in recent years, changed their buying practices in order to reduce costs. This means that they have one (or very few) buyers for their entire company who make the deals with vendors and manufacturers to buy the products for all of their stores.

  • In the past they had smaller regions for their company who negotiated with manufacturers in their small regions to make the deals on their products.
  • Now, the grocery store chain top headquarters talk with the manufacturers top headquarters and decide on prices for the entire Nation or very large regions of the Nation.

What this means for us and you…

This means that the prices you find at Safeway, Kings and Albertsons in one city or state are nearly all the same in another city or state.

  • There are some exceptions to this when it comes to geographical obstacles such as mountains or bodies of water. In these situations, there are added transportation costs that get passed down to the effected stores.

These structured prices are mainly on dry goods and vendor items with large distributions. Produce and dairy can fluctuate depending on location and proximity due to the shelf-life of these types of goods.


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