Coupons Made Easy

We are currently developing and integrating coupons into our list… we know it’s important and we are trying to hurry!

What we have right now…

You can grab some great coupons directly from our site by clicking the coupons tab. You can print these or load them directly to your store loyalty cards. Perfect place to start your shopping list.

What we are working on…

We’re integrating coupons from several coupon sources (both online and off) directly into our lists.

As you create your grocery list, you’ll be able to see which items have an available coupon, how much the coupon is worth, and where to get the coupon. You will also be able to view items with coupons as it’s own category and see only items that have an available coupon.

When you add an item with a coupon, you’ll get a reminder of the coupons you need to grab before you print your grocery list. You can use this to link to online coupon sources or print it out along with your grocery list.


Personal Coupon Bank…

At PBL we know that everyone uses coupons in different ways and have several ways to organize and sort all of your coupons. We also know that there are several different levels of  ‘couponers‘ ranging anywhere from casual to extreme. Some grab every coupon they can find while others only use the couple they can find.

No matter what type of couponer you are, we are building the tools needed to maximize your coupons and your savings in a very simple way.

The Personal Coupon Bank is a local virtual network of coupons and couponers working together to help everyone save the most money at the grocery store. Our coupons, your coupons, their coupons… all in one place and ALL integrated with our massive grocery list every week.

More coming as we develop the Personal Coupon Bank…


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