Create Shopping Lists

Easily create and print or email your grocery list every week using the Peanut Butter List.

Find your items using our categories or search for each item individually.

Step 1: Browse the best deals for the week.

  • Click “PB Items” at the top of your organizer.
  • PB Items are items that are at or near their lowest prices.

Step 2: Search for your items

  • Search one by one by entering each item into the search bar at the top.
  • Be as general or specific as you like.

Search for your entire list:

  • Enter each item separated by a comma into the search bar.
  • We’ll create a list of everything your looking for.

Step 3: Adding your items

  • Adjust the quantity and click the ‘Add Item’ button to put the item into your organizer.
  • You can edit the quantities later if you like also.
  • You can also add or remove items from your organizer at any time.

Step 4: Print or Email you list

  • Print your list and take it with you.
  • Email your list to view it on your smartphone.

Step 5: Coupons

  • Grab your coupons and head to the store.

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