Historical Data

We track and record the sale price for every item on our list of over 1100 items each week and store this information in our ginormous database. It’s like keeping a price book for everything you would ever want to buy from the grocery store.

Why do we track everything?

This database allows us to know for each item:

  • Highest Price
  • Lowest Price
  • Average Price

This information is available to view for each item as you browse through our lists. Simply hover the pointer over any items image and you’ll see a summary of the pricing history. You can use this to judge for yourself if the current sale price is actually a sale or not.

You can also use this information to set the price you want to pay on your MyPBlist items.

This is also how we determine and calculate the items Score for its’ current sale price.

Why is the Historical Data important?

Let’s say your favorite soda 12 pack are on sale for $3.00 When You Buy 4. (4/$12.00)

Seems like a fair deal, that’s only  .25¢ per can. The shelf tag says that the regular price is $6.29 each…. That’s a savings of $3.29!! That’s a great deal right?! ……… WRONG!

$3.00 is a fair deal at best. 

On a good sale, around most major holidays or nearly every 6 weeks, you will find your soda 12 packs on sale for $2.50 each. This cycle repeats all year long and at $2.50 per 12 pack you’re spending .05¢ less per can than the $3.00 fair deal. Less occasionally you may find your soda priced at $1.99 bringing it down to .17¢ per can during a holiday or special sale.

Seems like small change to worry about, a nickel here or there wont matter right? Wrong again.

Average household of 4 with adults and teens drinking 2 to 3 sodas a day throughout the entire day for one year.

  • Family A: pay $3.00 or more each time you buy soda
  • Family B: pay only $2.50 or less all year.

Family A drinks a 12 pack every day at $3.00 per day and $1,095 per year.

Family B drinks a 12 pack a day at $2.50 per day and $912.50 per year.

  • Family B saved $182.50 per year on soda alone.

What if you paid $4.79 for each 12 pack, which people do everyday… that’s $1,748.35 per year on soda.

  • $835.85 MORE than Family B!

Now, what if every bowl of cereal you ate, every egg, every piece of bread, every sandwich, every chip, every steak, each vegetable… what if for everything you eat and drink all year, you ONLY pay the absolute lowest possible price?

How much money would you save in a years time?


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