Huge Price Book Database

We keep a history database of 2 years worth of sale prices for each of the items in our Price Book.

That’s 104 weeks worth of sales prices on over 1,000 items (and growing) that we use to calculate the item Scores and AdWaves.

This database will include coupons once we have fully integrated them into our lists.

Why do we keep 2 years worth of data?

This is to ensure that the highest, lowest and average prices we display, as well as our Score’s, are as accurate as possible when you view them.

We’re committed to providing you with the most accurate information possible, but we also realize that there can always be human error involved. So, to help us out, we’ve built in numerous alarms and precautionary algorithms into our database that alert us if something odd gets recorded into the database. We view this report and edit the errors one by one or do a full sweep of the data.


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