What is a PBL SCORE?

This is our rating system for each sale price we list on PBL. The Score shows you, at a glance, how good or bad the current sale price is for each item.

How do we get our Score?

  1. First, we compare the current sale price to that of the other 2 stores.
  2. Then we compare that information to the entire history of sales prices for that item.

Then we take all of that information and assign the item a Score between 0 and 100.

  • 0 being the worst price (highest price)
  • 100 being the best price ever recorded (lowest price)

*99 = this item is at its’ lowest price in history

We also Score the items on your list. We Score each store as well as one Score for your entire grocery list. This will show you at a glance how well you are using the information to save money on ALL of your groceries. Click to View


We do not consider coupon savings when calculating the final Score because not everyone will have that coupon.


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