SIde-by-Side Comparison

One of the many features that separates the Peanut Butter List from all other grocery comparison websites is our side-by-side comparison of each item. There’s no need to go back and forth between store pages, try to remember the other stores prices or add all of them to your printable lists to finally view them together.

We show you everything you need to know about each item in one neat package.

Once your items are on your Organizer you can view a summary of all stores, or view each stores list of items.

Tab Overview:

Summary Tab – Shows how many items, overall cost, and a store Score for each store and a total for all stores together.


All Stores – this is your list of items all on one list but separated by store. You can remove items and edit quantities from this tab.

**All Store Score is an average of ALL of the Scores from the items on your entire grocery list.


Each store has a tab – This is your grocery list segregated by store so you are only viewing the items on your grocery list from the store listed on the tab.

**Store Score is an average of all of the Scores from the items on your grocery list for that particular store.


At the bottom you’ll find the buttons to save, print your list or start over. You’ll also see your list Score which is a quick glance at the average of the Scores for the items you’ve selected.

**High Score means your saving more money and likewise, a low Score means there is more opportunity to save money.


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