What the heck is a Peanut Butter List?

Peanut Butter List L.L.C (peanutbutterlist.com)

The confident answer:

  • We are the world’s largest grocery comparison website.

The clever answer:

  • The ONLY grocery list that makes ‘cents.


We’ve made a huge list of over 1,000 grocery items and we physically collect and compare these items sale prices at all of the major grocery stores around you. Then we put all of this information online so you can compare the stores side by side and find all of your groceries at their lowest possible prices.

Create your shopping list, get some coupons, then start saving anywhere from 20% to 80% on your groceries.

  • Most of our items our 1,000 items are ‘line priced’ items, which means that the price we list online is actually good for several different products. (ie: Pepsi 12 packs have 30+ varieties which are all priced the same per store, the one price we grab is good for all 30+ items)
  • We’re still gathering UPC’s and information to officially know how many items our list includes, but with assuming a low average of 7 varieties per item on our list… we have more than 8,000 items on our lists in each store. (Over 24,000 items including all 3 stores!!)

Simple Definition:

  • A Peanut Butter List is a grocery list of all of your items at their lowest possible price.

Vague Definition:

  • The easiest way to save the MOST money on your groceries.

Complex Definition:


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